Press Release – 12th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition

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ADR-ODR International and the European Institute for Conflict Resolution (EICR) are pleased to announce sponsorship of the 12th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition. Rahim Shamji, Dr Zoe Giannopoulou, Aneesha Bhunjun, Nicky Wallace, Dr Anna Plevri, Claudia Caluori and Kelly Thornton will all be representing ADR-ODR and EICR in Paris for the Mediation Week between the 3rd and 8th February.

Rahim and Zoe are the most senior representation and will be judging and mediating the prelimi- nary rounds as well as the quarter and semi-finals. Zoe is also part of the working group organis- ing the 4th ICC International Mediation Round Table, on the 2nd February.
Anna, Nicky and Aneesha are all judging for the first time and will be participating in the prelimi- nary rounds.

Claudia and Kelly and volunteering as mediation session supervisors who will be ensuring that the competitors abide by the competition rules.
This year there are over 60 universities expected to compete and as our prize fund this year we are offering 4 places on our 5 day, 40 hour Civil-Commercial mediation training programme. The value of these prizes is £10,000.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the ICC for organizing such a wonder- ful event and we hope that everyone from ADR-ODR International and EICR who is attending in any capacity has a very enlightening experience.

We are delighted to sponsor this years’ ICC mediation competition and to have so many of our team also present in a professional capacity. This sponsorship and support represents a clear commitment to developing the mediators of tomorrow in a rich learning environment. Bringing together over 600 people from every continent around mediation is an excellent initiative and one that both organisations are very proud of”

Rahim Shamji and Dr Zoe Giannopoulou